Trivex Lenses: Where Quality and Comfort Come Together

by St. Paul Eye Clinic
Trivex Lenses: Where Quality and Comfort Come TogetherTrivex lenses are several times more impact resistant than standard plastic lenses, meaning more protection for your eyes. It’s one of the best choices for safety and sports! 

All seven of our clinics give you access to St. Paul Opticians where you will be professionally matched with high-quality eyewear that fits your lifestyle. Ask one of our opticians about Trivex lenses to learn more about the benefits of these lenses:

  • Lighter weight than traditional lenses creates comfort and ease of wear
  • Its durability is great for active lifestyles
  • Anti-glare creates one of the clearest vision experiences
  • Quality composition holds accurate vision prescriptions
  • Enjoy full compatibility with today’s top designer frames and budget-conscious eyewear

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